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Rock Never Stops Tour In Boston, MA

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Friday, June 21, 2002 @ 3:52 PM

"My advice to anyone who wants

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REVIEW BY: Jeff O'Connor - Medford, MA

The Rock Never Stops Tour in Boston was supposed to be at a venue called FleetBoston Pavillion. This is a huge tent that hold 4,500 people right on the edge of the Boston Harbor. It is a really cool place to see a show on a summer night. One week before the show I read in The Boston Globe that the show has been switched to the Avalon in Boston. It turns out that this show wasn't selling many tickets, so it was moved to a smaller venue. The Avalon is the biggest club in Boston. It holds about 2,000 people.

The night starts off with Skid Row. It hits me right away that their new singer is basically a Sebastian Bach wannabe. He sings, acts, and moves like Bach throughout their set. The guy has a decent voice, but the fact that he doesn't have a stage presence of his own turns me off right away. Say what you want about Gary Cherone. At least Gary didn't get up on stage and act like David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. It has always annoyed me when a band gets a second lead singer, and he tries to imitate the original singer. The band played a decent set of their best tunes, including their new single. The highlight of their set is when bass player Rachel Bolan sang lead on “Psychotherapy,” a cover song from the legendary Ramones. I was amazed how old guitarists Scotti Hill and Dave "The Snake " Sabo looked. Skid Row were alright. They definitely need to get Sebastian Bach back if they are ever gonna put a second dent into the metal world.

Next up was Jackyl. Why are they even on this tour? They weren’t even around in the ‘80s. I must say I hate Jackyl. I didn't even bother watching them. I had an extra ticket to the show, so I left and went to McDonalds down the street. I then used my extra ticket to get back into the show. I ran into Snake from Skid Row as I was walking past the tour bus. I said ‘hi’ and shook his hand. He seemed cool.

I got back into the show just in time to see Vince Neil. It was great to hear those old Motley classics again. Vince was having some microphone problems in the beginning and his band seemed abnormally loud. At this point the club was very crowded and very into Vince's set. I could tell the show wasn't sold out, but it was still a decent size crowd. Vince played all Motley tunes and people seemed to be really digging it. I must say I was impressed with Vince. I had never seen him without his Motley bandmates. My only critique of Vince is that he really needs to hit the gym and lose some weight. He seemed really bloated and out of shape. I made sure to look at his eyes during the show. I could tell he was bombed. He managed to hold himself together pretty well. Vince also had about a dozen or so blonde bombshells on the side of the stage watching him. I'm sure he had fun after the show.

The headliner of the night was Tesla. What can I say? Great, straight-ahead rock n’ roll. The played all their hits as well as one new song and sounded great from start to finish. I never understood why Tesla was lumped in with all those "hair bands." They have never been poseurs, never have worn makeup, and never had big hair from what I can remember. They just plain rock. Lead singer Jeff Keith could stand to put on a few pounds, though. He looked a forty-year-old female coke whore. Overall, the show was pretty good. A little expensive, though. I'm glad I had free tickets and didn't have to pay the $35 cover charge. One other complaint was that the show was too long. It started at 8 P.M. and didn't get over ‘til about 1:15 A.M.

A good size of the crowd left after Vince's set was over. Tesla didn't go on ‘til after midnight. My advice to anyone who wants to see this tour is to show up fashionably late to avoid Skid Row and Jackyl. Get there just in time to see Vince and Tesla.

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