Superjoint Ritual Live In Los Angeles

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Wednesday, July 3, 2002 @ 12:24 AM

Superjoint, Skinlab and Speede

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REVIEW BY: Wolff, Los Angeles

The names of these three bands are word enough to get a club packed of diehard metal fans. Taking place at the very decorated House of Blues, this is a show that’ll kick your ass during and even after the show’s done. Lots of people wearing tore up clothes they probably had for numerous years and stitched up so they can keep wearing them were visible that night. Heavily tattooed arms, piercings, and scruffy beards took up even more room. A little more bizarre for someone like me who has none of those things (except for a well worn out Pantera tee that I dug up and donned for the show). I hadn’t heard the material by any of these bands yet, so I was looking forward to a fun experience.

I got in the place about a minute after Speedealer hit the stage. Not many people were there at that time. The members of the band blazed trough their material like no tomorrow. I unfortunately didn’t care for the stuff they were playing. Just sounded pretty basic with no real energy. I couldn’t understand a fucking word the singer was saying. Another problem was that the sound wasn’t equal so it made the performance even more lame. Even the fuckin’ people watching looked bored as hell. While they were playing, I was looking around the venue for it was my first time attending the House of Blues. The band played for about 30 to 45 minutes and then there was an intermission.

After about 30 minutes or so, the curtains opened and Skinlab took the stage. The image of these guys was sort of humorous. They looked as if they were homeless and had been pulled right off the street with the exception of the drummer. They then started playing their set. They were heavier than the band before them, with super low-tuned guitars and vocals that’ll haunt you in your dreams. Heads then began to swing around the stage and a small, weak moshpit opened up in the middle area. The energy was getting more intense, but still lagging like a motherfucker. Although they were better, I still wasn’t intrigued by their stuff. The singer even spit into the crowd a few times, which I thought was pretty sick. They brought out a guest vocalist to sing on the last song. Pretty much sounded like the other singer. After about an hour set, they all threw their instruments on the ground and left the stage.

By now, my fucking legs are starting to hurt, since I had been on my feet most of the day. The intermission that followed killed me. People started getting impatient as well, and started chanting “PHIL PHIL PHIL.” By now, the place was fucking packed. The curtains the parted again, and the band of the hour took the stage. Phil then looked at the crowd with a sense of pride and glory. It was obvious that he was fuckin’ lit when he laughed trying to announce the song they were gonna play. They then launched into the opening song. It was a blast of sonic fury that shook the whole fucking place. Thrashing around the stage, the members knew what it had to get the people going. By now, people were thrashing around the pit, beer cups flying all over the place, and bodies surfing the crowd. The song ended, and there was a roar of pleasure. Right then, I knew this was gonna be the shit. I didn’t know any of the songs, but I didn’t care because they sounded fucking good.

Throughout the set, Phil talked about all kinds of random shit. It didn’t look like he knew what fuck he was saying the whole time. It was fucking hilarious, though. The energy put out by these five guys was incredible. The songs were heavier than any Pantera song there’s ever been. In the middle of one song, they lit up a huge joint and passed it around the stage. You could tell that these guys knew how to have a good fucking time. At one point, things got a little awry. Someone in the crowd got thrown on stage, and when security grabbed him, he put up a fight and one of the guitarists got pissed. They had to stop in the middle of a song, and Phil came to the rescue and sorted things out. The intensity was high through all of the songs. Right before they played the final encore of the night (There were three encores), someone was talking in a mike somewhere. Phil then noticed who it was -- no other than Zakk Wylde, who was behind the mixers in the middle of the club. They talked for a couple of minutes, then preceded to play the closer, “Superjoint Ritual,” which was my favorite of the set. Phil ended the show saying “Eat pussy ‘til you fuckin’ die!”

So having said that… overall this was a great show that exceeded all my expectations. I almost didn’t go to this show, but I’m so fucking glad I did. I wanna thank Phil Anselmo and Superjoint Ritual for rekindling my love for metal. It had been too long since I’d been to a metal show, and I hit the jackpot with this one. Definitely worth my hard-earned 20 bucks. Anybody who’s anybody has to go see this band. Long live Heavy Fuckin’ Metal!!!!

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