Lazerfest 2002, With Rob Zombie, Hatebreed

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Monday, September 2, 2002 @ 12:12 AM

Lazerfest 2002 at the Waterwor

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REVIEW BY: Tallicdeth

We got to the show about 12:30 – 12:45… Index Case was just finishing what appeared to be a killer set. Epidemic followed on the Second Stage -- I didn’t stick around, but damn, what I did hear was a killer show. Lost Prophets took the main stage and rocked out, the sound sucked ass, the vox were overpowered by the music. Rearview Mirror (homestate boys!!! Cresco, IA) slammed the second stage shortly after LP got done. Their setlist included a lot of tunes from the new album, and a couple of more obscure, formative songs, then did “In the Beginning” to close out their set.

Atomic Punks, a Van Halen cover band (classic DLR only) took first stage and rocked out from “Panama,” then a couple of other tunes, then “Mean Street”, and all of the classics from 1984 and VH1. Next up was a medley of “Eruption”/”You Really Got Me”/”Crazy Train”/”Runnin’ With The Devil.” To finish out the set was the all-time rock classic: “Hot For Teacher.” There was a contest giveaway for a Harley, and then Adema was next on the main stage, starting off with their new release from their album, then going through some more of the heavy, scream-as-loud-as-you-can-into-the-mic stuff, before launching into “Giving In” and then right into “The Way You Like It.”

Second stage was Seether, then back to the main stage for Stone Sour, with a setlist of songs I have never even heard of, and then came “Bother,” during which, a mosh pit broke out, to which Corey Taylor had to say: "Why are you moshing to a slow song? (then someone in the crowd said something) "I guess that’s the kind of crowd we should expect here in Des Moines." Then he continued, they played two more songs, and it was over to the second stage again for Sinch.

Then Rob Zombie on the main stage, opening with “Demon Speeding,” playing a couple of tunes from Devil Music Vol. 1, and then going back to Hellbilly Deluxe for “Living Dead Girl,” to some of the newer tunes like “Never Gonna Stop,” “Feels So Numb,” and then “Superbeast,” “Dragula,” and back to “Thunderkiss '65,” and to finish out the set was the classic “More Human, Than Human.” Then it was over the second stage for Hatebreed -- imagine about three thousand people in a moshpit about 45x60ft, heavy-ass tunes, and crazy motherfuckers all around... that is what the show was. The setlist included almost the entire new album, and a song from their first album, and “I Will Be Heard” to finish the set.

Then back over to the main stage for POD, opening off with “Set It Off,” “Hollywood,” “School of Hard Knocks,” “Southtown,” “Satellite,” “Boom,” “Without Jah, Nothin'” and as we started to leave to avoid a killer rush, they started to play “Rock The Party (Off The Hook).” The day was full of tributes to Dave Williams (RIP dude...) and $4 beer, $6.50 wine coolers and food tokens... eek!

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