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Stone Sour Live In Seattle

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, November 25, 2002 @ 10:13 AM

Stone Sour, Chevelle and Sinch

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REVIEW BY: By Chris Curtis, aka kidnothing

$18. With that little cash, one can buy a couple Happy Meals, fill up a tank of gas or purchase a new CD. I chose to see one of the best tours going today. Stone Sour, fresh with the rising hit Bother, Chevelle gaining momentum with The Red, and Sinch packed The Showbox on a Friday night and proved this tour, if still going next year, will be playing much larger venues.

Sinch took the stage right on time, exactly 7pm, and quickly went through a 30 minute set. Despite being the “warm-up act,” they had a video screen backdrop and several TV’s on stage showing various images during their set. Very similar to better, well-known acts like Tool, Sinch appeared to try playing the role of a bigger band than they already are. Nice try guys.

After a short, 20-minute break, Chevelle hit the stage to less theatrics, but a heavier and louder sound. Lead guitarist/singer, Pete, was active all night on stage, and used his open mike time constructively. Addressing the crowd with either dry wit or as a lead-in to the next song. At his encouragement, a small group on the floor started a pit and seemed to get the whole crowd into the set.

New songs, such as Wonder what’s next, Forfeit, Family system, and Grab thy hand, all came off cool and sounded good. I had only bought the new CD earlier that day and was very impressed. Pete then thanked the local radio stations for their support and then dove into The Red, which garnered the largest cheers. After completing their set, the band was cool enough to be accessible for autographs and pictures. This is a practice more bands should do.

Then, with the fury of a cannonball aimed at your balls, Stone Sour hit the stage, busting into Get Inside. The smaller pit that was evident during Chevelle’s set had now engulfed the entire floor. This song is what turned me onto them back in August, and I couldn’t have been more psyched to see Cory Taylor head-banging center stage. Orchids and Monolith followed with the same intensity and straightforward metal, which is sorely missing in today’s scene.

With a sly grin aimed at the pit during a break in the action, Taylor then began chatting with the crowd and genuinely acting as if the packed house was his own home, filled to the brim with his closest pals. Leading into the next tune, Taylor mentioned the sad state of the music industry and used this to take a well-aimed shot at pop stars like Britney and Christina; “just cause you show your pussy, doesn’t make you a singer. This next one is for them, it’s called Take a number.”

The stage was simple, as it should be with this type of band. A few stage-level lights, raised drum kit and the guys right in the crowds face. The only theatrics were a small string of Halloween lights draped across the drum stand.

For those who have the Stone Sour CD, Taylor mentions the beginning of Blotter, and the message he had on his answering machine at “7:15 in the fuckin’ morning.” Ripping through the song, they followed up with Inhale (mentioned as the possible next single), and Idle Hands (my favorite). To say these songs kicked our asses, wouldn’t even begin to do them justice. The entire crowd was jumping, sweating and belting out each tune.

On side note, however, there were three guys and two girls near me who would stand on the edge of the pit and shove people in, but had the look of terror in their eyes when they got pushed. Chicken shits. If you’re not going get in yourself, don’t push others in.

The band then exited the stage and left Taylor to perform Bother solo. With the considerable airplay the song has received, everyone in attendance appeared to know it word-for-word. Done well, with a few dramatic breaks, Taylor’s voice was rock-on and made for a great slow moment. Stone Sour then completed their set with Blue Study and Tumult; the pit alive again with bodies flying everywhere. After the band departed, Omega was played over the PA system. Most of the crowd lingered around during this, seemingly dazed from the pounding it just received.

In my humble opinion, the Stone Sour CD is the best metal CD since Guns n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, and with proper management, they should turn into this generation’s biggest band. Taylor controls a crowd and has awesome stage presence. The songs were tight, creative and sounded great live. This is a don’t-miss band, both on CD and in-person.

$18. For that price, I’d sell my sister for $18 to see these guys again!

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