Guns N' Roses Live in Boston, MA

By Sefany Jones, Contributing Editor
Saturday, December 21, 2002 @ 10:15 PM

Another Take on GNR Live at th

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REVIEW BY: Tom Marshall

This is my honest from the heart review like it or not. Ok I went into this show really wanting it to kick ass. I wasnít very excited but I was sure that they would kick my ass once they started. I even bought a 30 dollar GnR stocking cap.

The show took forever to start and people were getting a bit restless. There were jokes flying around that Slash and Duff were still in the air on the way to the show. Finally the show started.

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone -

Ok, 3 songs into it. I just heard 3 of my favorite songs ever and am wondering why I am not getting that rush that I should be getting. Axl was great, he sounded good and ran around like a mad man but something was missing. It was the energy from the rest of the band. They might as well have not been there. And anyone that says they play the songs better than the old band are high. They did a good job, but solos were ran through with no life. Half the time they were played in the wrong key. The crowd was into it, but if anyone was there that has seen the old GnR you would have to agree that the crowd was no where near as loud and wild as GnR shows of the past. People would get into at times, but everyone wasn't jumping and singing non-stop like they would for the whole 3 hour shows in the past. Anyway, I am trying to put this behind me and get my 75 dollars worth. I swear to god I want to enjoy this shit.
Live and Let Die -

Lots of energy in this song. Axl again was awesome. Lots of pyro that got the crowd going. It seemed that throughout the show that the pyro was getting a better reaction than the songs.

Knockin' on Heavens Door-

Weak. I had to go take a piss during this one. They shouldn't even attempt to play this one. Itís just not the same.

Think About You-

I was pretty pumped to hear this. It was no surprise since they have the same setlist every night. I was singing along with Axl but it was still hard to get into. Still looked and sounded like a cover band to me.

You Could Be Mine -

They did a pretty good job at this song.

Finck solo and Sweet Child O Mine -

Finck had to be the biggest disappointment. His solo before Sweet Child (if thatís what you want to call it) was horrific. It sounded like someone picking up a guitar for the first time. I don't know if he meant to sound like shit or not, but it was painful to the ears. Sweet Child O Mine was pretty good. The crowd sang along. The solo was pretty good but Slash was missed.

Out Ta Get Me -

They did a nice heavy version of this tune.

Madagascar -

This was probably the highlight. I really enjoyed the new songs they played. Axl sounded great and I was singing along. This was theirs and props to them.

Axl piano -

Staged and predictable. Axl sang the asshole song that he had in past reviews.

November Rain -

I was pretty bored by this point. The band didnít have the energy of the old GnR for the solos or the end jam.

Buckethead Dance and Solo and Gift Giving-

The Star Wars part of his solo was cool. But the rest was just like any solo from some Ď80s band. And the toy giving was pretty lame, too. I think Iíd rather hear music. I was starting to thinking about leaving.

Rocket Queen -

This is one of my favorites -- I had to stay. Another good cover ;o). Axl sounded great and the band was pretty good. Still not Guns. They ran through it as if was someone elseís song. As long as Axl was singing, it was great. But when he wasn't, you were forced to look at these strangers lifelessly motion through songs that are not theirs. They donít jam they just try and get through the songs. The ending was great and Axl was on.

The Blues-

Awesome. Axl sounded amazing.

Chinese Democracy-

Again people went more nuts for the pyro than the song.


Horrible. They donít do this any justice.

My Michelle -

This was awesome!! Maybe their best performance. I was honestly about leave until they came out with a ass kicking heavy version of this shit. Kudos.


This was good, too. The crowd was into it also.


Robin Finck solo

Paradise City

Another horrible Finck solo. I donít even think he was playing anything. Then into a PC much like the one on the VMA's. The place was nuts but it was mostly from all the pyro and confetti. I was happy that it was over and left before the song ended (which I never do). That is probably my fave GnR tune, too.

The band.

Axl- He was great. He was on most of the night. He ran around like he used to. Babbled a bit.

Robin- Horrible.

Buckethead- Good for what he is.

Fortus- Definitely the most impressive of the bunch and I am still trying to figure out why hey need 3 guitarists.

Tommy- Not much stage presence. They were all pretty faceless actually. If it wasnít for their costumes they would have hardly been noticed.

Brain- Good drummer. A few screw ups. (You Could Be Mine).

Dizzy- Besides the blues I didnít notice him the whole time.

Chris- faceless.

Well, there it is. I waited a long time to see if the demise of the old band for this was worth it. No it wasn't. These guys arenít half of what the old band was and never will be. I can say that I wonít be attending any more shows unless there is a reunion. Besides Axl there was nothing there worth seeing. They were just like a lifeless cover band in an arena living off the GnR legacy. The place was pretty packed out of curiosity and people had a good time. But it was nothing like before. This was it for me. Guns N Roses are no more. I now more than ever wish that Axl would change the name. These guys lack the chemistry and the balls of GnR.

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