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By Livingdeadgirl, Headbanger
Thursday, January 10, 2002 @ 3:23 PM

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Dook is originally from Montreal Canada (home of Cryptopsy and Slaves on Dope) and was formed in May of 2000. Their sound is best described has so “Imagine a pulsating mass of raw, unbridled energy. A musical wall of soul crushing riffs, heart pounding beats and raging vocals.

Dook features on vocals Diouke, on bass Nath, on guitar Luke and Neb and on drums Al’X.

They have their own original material and released earlier this year or I should say last year, their debut EP titled “Who the fuck are they?” featuring a mass of raw crushing tunes. Their idea was to come up with a product that was at once intelligent, direct and explosive," says front man Diouke. "For us, it was by combining our own various musical influences and backgrounds." All of which are thoroughly present throughout Dook's debut EP. You can have a little taste of “Endless Pain” or Get “Thrown into this world” at http://www.mp3.com/dook.

The band has been touring throughout the province of Quebec building up a good reputation for nearly two years now gathering faithful fans all over the cities and a few raging sold out events. With their music’s energy, emotion and positive attitude they cannot leave anyone in the cold. Very present in the local music scene, Dook gained respect from their friends and other local bands very quickly. At every show I can see other bands cheering them on. They haven’t been shopping just yet for a record deal but I’m sure they won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Dook is definitely a breath of fresh air for the new metal music scene. You can visit them at http://www.flytodook.com

Dook 7 Song EP Review:

Endless pain: ragging vocals, love the back up vocals on this one the chorus is very catchy, a great opener for the EP.

Thrown into this world: great built up, love the guitar riffs, the good old double drum bass kicks ass. With this song it’s worth to pay attention to the lyrics. I usually never do with any albums I listen too, but this song is worth it. We can also appreciate to hear Nath little bass line very clearly. It’s too bad that we seem to be losing her at times in the production but for a first EP it’s hard to have it all perfect, but we find her again in Miss you.

Holy shit: Rawwwwwwwwww….again very catchy riffs, probably the most anticipated song during a live show. This is probably my favorite from the whole album. No this is my favorite!

No Future: very rockin’ tune, till the raw vocal and slamming drums comes in kicking you in the face, but the chorus stays rockin’. I love this band for the quick change of tempo. Diouke shows us there is a almost a sweet voice in him somewhere(lol)…love the very loud back drums sound effect. An other favorite for me.

Miss you, what I dig with this band is that no matter how new metal they sound they have a very old school sound to them, and one thing I’ve noticed with Montreal bands, they all have a special sound, a little “Je ne sais quoi” Voivod has it Slaves on Dope has it. I don’t know too much how to describe it but it might be the raw energy that we have here…

My life: This is the first song I ever got exposed to from Dook. I wasn’t sure at first, it took me a few listens to get this one to grown on me. But when they starts with the chorus ”Get the fuck out of my life” wooooahhhhh! and all the awesome riffs and arrangements. They won me over. This is an incredible song live, makes you want to get up and jump off in the crowd. What I can say about this album is that all of the band members influences are very present throughout this album. For me to know them all personally makes it even more realistic, and it’s probably their biggest asset has an ensemble dynamic.

Back off: this is very punk rock style I find it quite surprising considering what Dook is all about, but with guest vocals appearance by Nikcoded from Minds (Montreal) it fits. Another live energy song. But to really appreciate Dook you have to experience them live; it’s a must! Just like bands like Slayer you haven’t experience them in full till you see them live…

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