Sex Pistols Live in Boston

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Wednesday, September 10, 2003 @ 10:32 PM

Sex Pistols, Along With Dropki

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REVIEW BY: Darshan Phatak

Wednesday, August 20th marked the beginning of the Sex Pistols' North American tour and the show rocked.

My only complaint was about the acoustics at Boston's Fleet Pavilion. Unless the place is full, they suck.

Anyway, onto the show! My friends and I eat beer and burgers and get there at 8:15, where the good Reverend Horton Heat is already underway. It was pretty cool. The Rev made the most of his short set and the guy with the gigantic flaming red stand up bass had a great stage presence. The crowd was still pretty thin at this point.

After a brief beer break (7$ for a 24 oz!), the Dropkick Murphys took the stage. They are a lot like the Clash in sound. They have a big following in Boston and the place was as packed as it was going to get (2/3 full) and the crowd was into it. A lot of the young punks knew all the words. The DMs have about nine or ten members -- one guitarist had an awesome red mohawk. One guy had a close-cropped haircut and he was totally going wild on stage for almost every song, which was weird cause they had a bunch of slower chanty songs too. He was totally overdoing it. The singer had little to no presence, he just paced up and down the stage and yelled out his vocals. One other guitarist had a fat red chubby face and close-cropped hair; he did most of the talking between songs. The third guitarist had this Dr. Evil/Billy Corgan/Fenster look going and looked totally pissed off all of the time. He was even angry during their happy songs! He must have realized early on that ten guys were doing the work of three. There were some bagpipers and flutists and this one Cindy Lauper look-alike who sang okay. I don't know their works but they did cover "Amazing Grace."

Finally, after another break, the Pistols took the stage. Johnny Rotten looked great and fit. Steve Jones was pretty barrel-chested and gym-teachery in his look. Glen Matlock and Paul Cook looked better than their heyday. When they walked on stage, we went crazy. When the guitar riff for "Bodies" kicked in, I knew it was going to be great. A bunch of people clambered over their seat to get up front and the ushers were almost overwhelmed. Here is the set list:

Bodies -- Rotten flubbed the part where he was supposed to start singing and they restarted the song. Rotten told us that Boston was the dress rehearsal for the real tour.
New York -- (After which, Rotten asked us if we still thought that the Pistols copied the Ramones, and that any two-bit New York poet could write that shit.)
No Feelings
Belsen Was a Gas -- (Pretty apt song and a well done classic. It was at least 90F in the tent and Rotten asked us to imagine waging a war in even hotter weather, declared "over a cup of tea.")
From here on in my memory of the song order is dim. Glug Glug Glug. . . Did You No Wrong
God Save the Queen (Awesome song! We all got into it during the "No Future" part)
Pretty Vacant
No Fun (Did you ever get the feeling you've been cheated? I didn't, this song kicked ass.)
Holidays In The Sun

At one point, some idiot got on stage and was thrown off by a roadie who looked just like Rotten. Rotten told the guy to get his own stage and that the Sex Pistols had earned this one. There was also another dick who told Rotten he sucked to which he replied, "You and I both suck. The only difference is what we suck."

Encores: After the last song, Rotten said, "If you want more, you know what to do!" and we cheered loudly and proudly. They came back.

Anarchy in the UK -- There was a technical difficulty and Rotten and the crowd sang the song a cappella. Rotten reminded us that this is what anarchy was all about. Finally, the power was fixed, Rotten told Steve to stop cunting about and get on with it and they did the song again!
Problems Rotten ended the show by saying "Alright, the show's over, now sod off" and we did!

It was an awesome show and a chance to see legends. Go see 'em when they come by you! You wont be disappointed.

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