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Alter Bridge One Day Remains

By Eric Feller, Contributor
Saturday, October 23, 2004 @ 11:29 PM


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Attempting to move from the Creed legacy, Mark Termonti and Scott Phillips strike out on their own and in a new direction. Bringing back original bass player Brian Marshall, who was absent during the weathered days, new line up was almost complete the only thing missing was a front man. In comes Myles Kennedy from the group Mayfield Four. With a shared vision of rock and roll roots, the newly formed Alter Bridge set out to make a pure rock album minus the attitude and egos of stardom. As stated in their bio found at http://www.alterbridge.com, the name was derived from a bridge near Mark Tremonti’s childhood home.

Some may say that Alter Bridge is nothing but a new extension of Creed, but if you listen to this disk you will find out that these guys are more aggressive in their song writing. Forget the mono toned vocals and slush mouth that the previous front man brought to the fold, for Myles Kennedy brings a wide range to the mix that can be only thought of as a unique blend of high and low melodies. Mark Termonti’s guitar playing reflects a new high of enthusiasm and excitement as heard on all the songs from their debut release, One Day Remains. Brian Marshall delivers the bass lines that are filled with a thick driving undertone keeping the force of the songs going and pounding in your head. Scott Phillips has let the beast go and punishes the drum kit. I actually heard a bit of double bass drumming on this disk from time to time, which is well done. By no means are they blast beats, but are well played nevertheless.

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The opening song labeled “Find the Real” sets the stage for what’s to come as it opens with a driving guitar/drum riff. I personally didn’t care for how Myles came in with the opening line, but this was soon dashed away into memory as the chorus kicked in and a harmonious melody ensued. Now some naysayers will say that this sounds much like a remake of previous riffs and drum beats but I tell you it is not. Just listen with an open mind and you will discover that this is a fresh and new attempt.

Now comes track two the title track “One Day Remain,s” and man this song is rock at it’s best. No more stale regurgitation and redundant tones followed by boring chord progressions. Once again the opening lyrics didn’t really thrill the monkey but once the chorus kicked in with the words, “’Cause I see in you more than you’ll ever know and I ask you why you question the strength inside and you need to know how it feels to be alive” and the melody between all players is just over the top.

The third track, which is getting a lot of airplay, is labeled “Open Your Eyes.” I like the song but I find myself wondering why the hell this would be getting more airtime than the next track, “Burn It Down.” This is much better song musically as well as lyrically. Once again we find an ingredient not really found in today’s music. More than just the frontman singing but actual melody with thought behind it.

“Metalingus” opens with a charming drum beat and complimentary guitar riffs that scream out “HEAD BANG YOU FUCKERS!” but this subsides quickly. I don’t really care for this entry but I guess you cannot like everything on any given CD. Maybe after a few more spins of the disk it will grow on me right next to the extra foreskin that hangs off my nuts.

Next up is one of my favorites on the disk and that is “Broken Wings.” Myles is singing his ass off on this and with such lyrics as, “On broken wings I’m falling and it won’t be long the skin on me is burning by the fires of the sun.”

Anybody who has lost a loved one can relate and reflect thanks to the next song labeled “In Loving Memory,” with the opening statement of, “Thanks for all you’ve done, I’ve missed you for so long, I can’t believe your gone, you still live in me, I feel you in the wind, you got me constantly.” In this contribution I give respect to the abilities of the song writing, melody, and music to Mark Tremonti. This ballad is a powerful dedication to a fallen loved one who is missed tremendously.

“Down to My Last” is next song in which I find myself singing right along with it. Spiritual meaning behind the lyrics can be taken many ways I suppose. It talks about being at your personal end and ready to throw it all away but knowing you would be wrong to do so.

“Watch Your Words” is next. In this song we find driving guitar playing with a bit of crunch behind it. This song does have some deeper meaning as it talks about faith and righteousness. “To truly see well you must have faith oh the righteous they can’t wait.”

With “Shed My Skin” we find yet another type of power ballad rendition talking about becoming something more than you are. The chorus of “Shed my skin, are you ready for me, or purge my love, are you ready for me” can be taken as yet another entry of spiritual meaning and direction.

The last song that is properly titled “The End is Here” is a pretty decent effort on the part of AB to bring closure to this disk. “For the rest of my life, I will find the answers that were always here.” Yep the answers are always here if you look.

The only problem with this release is that the booklet and the writing in the booklet are in old English writing which really makes it hard to read. I had to go to the website to find the words that are plainly written and able to read. This disk is not going to be appealing to very many; it’s appealing, though, to me. Anybody who is a rock and roll fan will appreciate the struggle they are going through to make a new name and niche in this music scene and not to be considered Creed with a new singer.

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