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STEEL PANTHER Heavy Metal Rules

By Francisco Zamudio, Metal X Candy 2.0
Monday, September 30, 2019 @ 10:21 AM

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Heavy Metal Rules

Steel Panther, Inc

The ongoing gag reflex youíre feeling, thatís the outfit known as STEEL PANTHER, who have had their hand up the skirt of the Rock scene for a long time, rocking the little man in the boat for nearly 20 years. Not many can claim fame to a #1 debut (Comedy category) and at the same time breaking in to the top 100 on the Billboard Charts in 2009/2010, and again in 2011. A parody in itself, their top-notch comedy-laced live show is only matched by their amazing songwriting. Taking all the best of what we loved from Classic Rock and Metal (pre-new millennium), and run. Now on their 5th full-length, STEEL PANTHER release Heavy Metal Rules, and it truly does!

Through the years and 4 different releases, theyíve managed to keep it funny and interesting with pop-music jabs and over-the-top smut-filled goodness. No more than ever has an album with a Hard R rating felt more appropriate against a currently oversensitive generation. Not only continuing to give the flying finger to PC crybabies but letting everyone know that itís still about Sex, Drugs and Metal!

Itís easy to get sucked into the lyrical content and not notice the great musicianship these cats have. If you really take a solid listen, these guys arenít just a comedy routine who can play a few chords, no. Their songwriting has always been stellar. The influence from Classic Rock and Metal is obviously there as they take that retro sound and always modernize it. You take riffs from here and there from your favorite tunes, rearrange this part and that part and you could have yourself a hit. STEEL PANTHER have made an artform out of it for nearly 20 years.

Whether youíre simply trying to live vicariously through their sex-romped innuendos, reliving the days of partying on the strip or looking for great songs to party to, this creampie is overfilled with awesome rocking tunes that many will find relatable. A fine example is the song "Fuck Everybody" that is practically an anthem for those who have had that frustration built up on a day-to-day basis by all these self-indulgent a-holes walking around. A sure song youíll holler out your car window.

In a time where ballads are nearly extinct in modern rock, STEEL PANTHER delivers the pany-droppiní sausage on the tracks "Gods of Pussy", their single "Always Gonna Be A Ho" and the near straight-faced tune "I Ainít Buying What Youíre Selling". Their M.O. has always included party hits and Heavy Metal Rules is no different. "Letís Get High Tonight" will make you crank it to 11. The self-titled track really hits it out of the park re-assuring us that Heavy Metal is alive and well, despite the words of the kosher-bassist from that one band who said Rock n Roll is dead Ė no, itís not.

The combination of drummer Stix Zadiniaís great in-the-pocket playing along with bassist Lexxi Foxxís low-end carrying the groove, you got Satchel giving a shred clinic showing why heís one of the best guitarists hands down, ass up. Rounded out by vocalist Michael Starrís diamond sharp vocals that are still piercing, this solid 4-piece deliver another outstanding display of musicianship.

Having just caught the SOLD-OUT show on the Sunset Strip at the world Famous Whisky A Go-Go, the Album Release Party and first night of the HEAVY METAL RULES Tour, I've got to say that these 4 have not lost a step whatsoever. Still packing houses, still filling the stage with hot women, still cranking out killer tunes, STEEL PANTHER gave an amazing set mixed with plenty of old songs and new stuff, and everyone ate it up!

4.5 Out Of 5.0

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