Marilyn Manson Live in San Francisco

By Tokemaster General, Contributor
Monday, December 27, 2004 @ 1:16 AM

Marilyn Manson Live at the War

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REVIEW BY: God in the TV

‘Against All Gods’ is Marilyn Manson's tour in support of his new greatest hits collection, Lest We Forget -- The Best Of. Manson brought back some old songs, some newer songs, and everything in between. On November 1st, 2004 they stopped in San Francisco to play the Warfield.

The doors of the show opened at seven. People were lined up around the block. The diversity of Manson's fans are cool. There were a lot of different kinds of people who came together to see Marilyn Manson. At 8pm the show started. The opening band had not been announced, so many assumed that Marilyn Manson would come on right at 8. When it was 8, the lights went dark and the whole crowd was cheering, "Manson, Manson!" But then a bunch of girls came out on stage. I realized who they were. They were a local band called AC/DShe. They were an all-girl AC/DC cover band. People were happy with their performance. It was something fun to start the show off with. They played for 45 minutes as they did some classic AC/DC songs like "TNT", "Highway to Hell" and "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap." When they went off, people were ready for Manson. We waited for about an hour and fifteen minutes for the Manson set change.

Right before Marilyn Manson came on, there was an instrumental-electric version of “Antichrist Superstar.” After that, the lights went dark. The curtains opened and Manson's new band line up was shown. M.W. Gacy was the only original member on stage, with his keyboard set hanging from a pole on chains. Tim Skold was on bass, Mark Chausee was his new guitarist, and Chris Vrenna was on drums, filling in for Ginger Fish because he was injured. Manson started to sing "Prelude (The Family Trip)," the song from Willy Wonk. The crowd sang along with him as he came on stage during the song. Everyone was ecstatic to see Mr. Manson. Manson went on into singing "The Love Song." The mosh pit started to really go insane at that point. I saw Marilyn Manson at the Warfield last year, and the pit was nowhere near as intense as it was this time. Everyone was getting knocked over, beaten up -- it was great!

The concert started to really get going when Manson started to play "Irresponsible Hate Anthem." Manson continued to play songs like his newer stuff "mOBSCENE", "(s)AINT," and “The Golden Age of Grotesque." He played slightly older songs like "The Dope Show," "Rock Is Dead" and "Disposable Teens." He did a good job with the cover songs he did ("Personal Jesus," "Tainted Love" and the classic "Sweet Dreams.”) He also did older stuff like "Lunchbox" and "Get Your Gunn." Some highlights were songs like "Tourniquet," where Manson came out on stilts, and "The Nobodies,” where confetti flew everywhere. Manson talked about how "there are all these bands who do the Rock the Vote shit and try to sound all patriotic, but what it really comes down to is that: do you want to have some dumb-ass keep running our county? Are you sick of fighting someone else's war?" Then he got people to start chanting "Fight, Fight!" and went into "The Fight Song."

During the concert, the band played very well. Mark Chausee was a good guitar player, in my opinion. I noticed he messed up once during "Great Big White World," but he kept going with it. I mean he is new, but he definitely gave everything he could. Marilyn Manson himself was very happy to be playing. You could see in his face how much fun he was having. He appreciated how the much the crowd was getting into it and going crazy, because that's what it's all about.

Right before the last song was played, Manson screamed, "How does it feel to be one of the beautiful people?" as he always does in concert. They played "The Beautiful People" as their set closer. That is usually the song with the best reaction and the most intense pit. Everyone sang along so loud it made it kind of hard to hear Manson singing it. After that was done everyone left the stage and the lights went dark again.

People wanted an encore, so everyone kept cheering "Manson, Manson!" and "We hate love, we love hate!" (despite the fact that that song was already played.) Then Manson came out on his big stool platform thing to play "Antichrist Superstar." The crowd chanted throughout the song until it was over. Then Manson left. The lights went on and everyone went home.

Manson always puts on a good show. The ‘Against All Gods’ tour was better than previous, I think, because he played an equal amount of songs, not mostly from one album. I had a lot of fun and I know the people there did too. The band put on a great show, and they got a great reaction. Some think of him only for his image, but if a show like this was seen, people would know what it was all about: rock music.


Prelude (The Family Trip)
The Love Song
Irresponsible Hate Anthem
Disposable Teens
Personal Jesus
Get Your Gunn
Great Big White World
Tainted Love
The Fight Song
The Nobodies
Diary of a Dope Fiend (Intrumental)
The Dope Show
Rock is Dead
The Golden Age of Grotesque
Sweet Dreams
The Beautiful People
Antichrist Superstar

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