Exodus in Hollywood

By Newsferatu, Writer
Thursday, April 20, 2006 @ 10:35 AM

At the Key Club

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By Mina a.k.a Thraxer

Good friendly violent fun:

If you haven’t heard Exodus’ latest release Shovel Headed Kill Machine, do yourself a favor and get it. Exodus is thee meanest band out there. Picture the drummer as if he’s keeping the pace of some old battle ship. The guitars are like duel firing machine guns just mowing down anything in their scope of range. And the vocals are just so fucking raw and real. Seeing them play live or on cd it makes you want to go to war. The thing I love about them is how not one song is less than 5 minutes long. Then they got those signature songs, like Deathamphetamien, that start off sounding like the baton death march. Then out of nowhere they slam into the body of the song just as the pit explodes and bodies go flying. It’s right about then people throw their beer and start marching. Oh and their songs only build and gain speed as the guitar solos shred you poor little delicate ears to pieces. And just when you think its over they don’t stop, oh no, those boys don’t half ass shit ever and I respect them for that ethic. When they play a show or make an album they are committed to making you feel the pain, the anger, and the reign. Just hearing them play all you feel is destruction and speed. Something about their music makes you feel like you’re a force not to be reckoned with and you could walk through a fucking wall. Its like they hooked up an I.V. to you arm and you could see the anger being sucked out of you and into the syringe, it’s very therapeutic. If your ever having a bad day I want you to do one thing, crank up some Exodus, I guarantee you by the end of the first song you’ll feel great.

So anyways, Sunday night at the Key Club was finally here. We got in there around 8 and about half way through which ever band it was playing we found out there were like 6 bands playing that night, Exodus wasn’t scheduled to get on stage till midnight so we had no choice but to endure three hours of some of pretty bad music.

I will never understand why they feel the need to have hardcore bands open for thrash bands. Watching two kids windmill and throw kicks as if it was break-dancing or some shit. Anyways upstairs we saw Rob Dukes, fucking totally cool guy and the dude from Dreams of Damnation. The conversation with Rob went something like this: “Hey Rob Dukes?” “Ya!” “Dude you rock!” “Thanks.” “You guys should play now!” “Dude I wish.” The guy is actually pretty fucking cool. Fans-turned-singers always are good people.

Anyways so Exodus finally got on stage and tore into Raze and it was bad ass. Right after that they paled Deathamphetamine, and it killed. Paul Bustoph on sticks was insane. Gary Holt was loving every minute of the crowd’s energy. Next on was I Am Abomination and the pit was in full force. A good old fashion circle pit never disappoints. This one was a trip though. Nothing but high school aged kids, send a couple of junior highers in there, nothing like a Exodus show for a bunch of green horns to pop their cherry.

Right after that number they played Blacklist, which is as Exodus as a song can get. Now Thy Death Day Come was a great jam. My personal favorite off SHKM but I looked around and seemed to be the only one moshing to it so that was a disappointment. If you get a chance watch that video on the Net, they got these two hot-ass broads and keep cutting to Exodus rocking. It’s the most brilliant music video ever made; ass and good music, simple is better.

To our surprise they dusted off a few classics, which really brought that place into a frenzy. A Lesson In Violence, Brain Dead, Last Act Of Defiance, and Bonded By Blood were the four songs that took at least ten years of everybody’s life in there. It was one of those things were you were thinking man I’m resting after this number but you couldn’t stop moshing because they just kept playing good songs. And oh they were badass. That was when everybody got their second wind and started swirling.

Again Exodus is great at playing long and strong and you get in this trance where you’re just running and head banging and forget you’re getting battered from every which way. Rob Dukes on stage ran that shit, just walking from one end of the stage to the other like he was owned it, and he did. I got to mention this just because it was funny as shit and if you were there you saw it, this one lame-ass-all-fucking-hip-hopped-out-wearing-a-basketball-jersey-and-gay-hat dude was getting down to it like it was rap music or some shit.

They kept crushing with Altered Boy, .44 Magnum Opus, No Love, and Shovel Headed Kill Machine. Sure enough the crowd started cheering for the encore and “if you ask you shall receive”. The lucky three were Deliver Us To Evil, how appropriate for Easter Sunday, War Is My Shepherd, and one of the coolest version of Strike Of The Beast ever. They took a 4 minute song and dragged it out for at least 9 minutes. And you know that going to and Exodus show, just when you think its over they just keep plowing and crushing. It was like three mini songs in one song. It was awesome; I swear I saw three waves of moshers within each song. And at the end of each song you’d see nothing but guys bent over, breathing hard catching their breath before they got another ass-whooping. Their music literally was working us physically.

Key Club was a great place, too. $6 Guinness can’t beat that oh ya and towards the end people were stage diving or at least trying too and one kid was popping and weaving from a security guard and the guard grabbed him, mind you this kid was probably thirteen years old, took him down the stairs through a back door and I saw his ass get his face slammed right into the wall. The kid walked out 3 minutes later with this straight look on his face like he just saw the face of God...All in all some good friendly violent fun.

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