WASP and Lizzy Borden stop in Arizona

By CrpnDeth, Staff Photographer/Writer
Saturday, May 27, 2006 @ 1:24 PM

The Master of Disguise belts i

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Being 2006, and having lived through the 80s, I often feel bad for the bands that got stuck with the label of “an 80s band”. There is plenty of talent and hard work out there, yet, because they spiked in fame during the 80s, they have a stigma wrapped around their necks. Not every metal band from the 80s were talentless Aquanet endorsed wannabes.

Such is the case with tonight's show.

Never having seen Lizzy live before, and having the only image of Lizzy from the Me Against the World video in my head, I shamefully admit I never paid them that much attention. Come to find out tonight, that was my loss. Say what you will about the looks and the videos of yesteryear, but the band kicked ass on their tour stop in Scottsdale May 22nd.

Hitting the stage with There Will be Blood Tonight from their 2000 Deal with the Devil release, there was a energy roaring from the stage, with no turning back. First thing that came to mind was the fact that Lizzy sounded exactly like he did in the 80s. But think about that – his voice is still that trong.

There are only a handful of singers nowadays from the same era that can claim that kind of talent, yet Lizzy wouldn’t be one of the first to come to your mind.

The energy from the band was so contagious that you just couldn’t help but have fun. Everyone was on their feet yelling right along to every song. Newest member Ira Black (guitar) showed he fit right in, mastering riff after riff. Marten Andersson (bass) and Joey Scott (drums) kept things tight throughout the entire set as well. Tonight was a reminder that true talent can stand the test of time, and the band showed they were still having fun. Not only could you see it, but you could feel it as well.

Again, never having seen Lizzy live before, it was rather interesting watching the costume changes. I think I actually saw Lizzy’s real face maybe 15 minutes total throughout the night. Master of Disguise indeed. After the show I talked with Lizzy and Marten for a little bit. Very cool, down to earth guys.


  • There Will be Blood Tonight
  • Notorious
  • Be One of Us
  • We Only Come Out at Night
  • Bloody Mary
  • Bass solo
  • Psychopath
  • American Metal
  • Me Against the World
  • Guitar solo
  • Master of Disguise


  • The World is Mine
  • Give ‘em the Axe
  • Long Live Rock and Roll.
Next up was the mighty WASP. Tonight was an exceptionally good night for Blackie. Back in August 2005 during their American Metal Blast tour, Blackie allegedly kicked a security guard in the head – at this same venue. Today the judge ruled that Blackie was not guilty.

Hitting the stage with a vengeance, the band started in with On Your Knees. The crowd was pumped and ready to go. Blackie's trademark-becoming skeletal micstand glared over the crowd with its evil grin and outstretched arms. Behind it was a menacing figure dressed in all black, thigh high boots and eyeliner. Blackie Lawless was delivering the goods. Notorious recently for a bad attitude and seemingly uncaring attitude towards the audience, Blackie and the band was roaring. Playing behind Blackie was Mike Duda (bass), Doug Blair (guitars) and Mike Dupke (drums).

Somewhere around mid-set, the energy started to lose its momentum from the stage, and from the crowd as well. I wasn't familiar with the next couple of songs that were played, presumably they came off of The Neon God I and II, which aren't high on my favorites list. The crowd's attention also dwindled during this time as the setlist became lighter and slower. The band played their usual tunes - The Real Me, L.O.V.E. Machine, I Wanna be Somebody, and so on.

With no new music since the release of The Neon God I and II, you already know the standard list. Blackie mentioned that they are working on a new CD and it should be out around September. Hopefully new tunes mixed in to the setlist will rejuvenate the show.

While the band was tight and played flawless, they just couldn't seem to step up to the energy level that Lizzy Borden had created.

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