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Sixx A.M. - Heroin Diaries Soundtrack

By Debby Rao, Boston Contributor
Monday, August 13, 2007 @ 9:37 PM

Eleven Seven Music

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No band lived life larger in the 80’s than Motley Crue. Get ready to fasten your seatbelt for the release of the soundtrack to Nikki Sixx's Heroin Diaries hits the shelves August 21st. The album features Sixx’s new band Sixx A.M. which is Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba, and vocalist James Michael. The book, Heroin Diaries- The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star is slated for a September 18 release in the U.S. and Canada.

I have listened to Motley Crue for many years. I must begin this review by saying that the 13-song Heroin Diaries Soundtrack is nothing like the band that launched the bass player into stardom. Heroin Diaries is a fresh, bold approach to an artists’ reflection of his addictions and demons scored to a soundtrack with passionate vocals, melodic, yet punk-infused guitar solos, and riveting rhythms that take you through a journey of the artists, raw, real emotions. Heroin Diaries, the book also features special commentary from Nikki's past including ex-girlfriend Vanity, his Mother, sister, and Grandfather. Each person gives a detailed account of what the bass playing was living through. But in the end, only Nikki Sixx can help himself relive his past, and bring to inner peace to his demons.

I have always heard that the Holidays are the worst time for any person who is depressed or an addict to get through alone. I find that this statement holds true, because Nikki Sixx begins his journey on Christmas 1986. The Heroin Diaries soundtrack commences with "Xmas In Hell" and Nikki speaking over a beautiful acoustic guitar stating,” Merry Christmas, Well that is what people say at Christmas right? Except normally they have someone to say it to. They have their friends and family all around them. I didn't speak to a single person today, why should I ruin their fuckin Christmas. Very powerful monologue, indeed.

Track 2, "Van Nuys" begins Nikki's life through a musical adventure. The song starts off with piano, and James Michael singing, "Everybody get high, everybody gets low, I don’t want to die out here in the Valley" and Nikki's addiction is starting to unfold.

The third track is possibly my favorite tune. When I first heard, ”Life Is Beautiful", I thought to myself, “This song is what life is all about.” The acoustic intro gradually builds to a soaring crescendo with powerful bass rhythms and lyrics which include, ”You can't give until you try, you can't live until you die. There's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive.” This songs lives and breaths death, but at the same time celebrates life. James Michael's vocals soar, with a melodic tone and appeal.

”Pray For Me” begins with a pompous beat, and punk infused catchy guitar rhythm. "Tomorrow" begins with a great acoustic intro, and just as you think that the lifestyle of a rock star is very glamorous, Nikki Sixx and Sixx A.M. prove that theory all wrong with inspired lyrics like, ”Nothing is gonna last forever, people change like the weather.” As Nikki refers to all of the fake friends that come through his life and disappear when the going gets tough. A true Hollywood scenario takes place in that tune.

Actually, you would think that Intermission would be a time to break and get ready for the next chapter. Just as Nikki Sixx has always been larger than life, his intermissions are just the same, captivating and exciting. Track 7 "Intermission" features Nikki SIxx stating, “When I first found the memoirs, I asked myself, ‘Why I am still alive?’” I have talked to Nikki about this matter, and he still has no answer. My theory would be he was spared form death so he could help other people that have addictions and save their lives. He is the perfect person that holds a lot of the answers that people are searching for. Nikki told me why he and Sixx A.M. wrote the soundtrack to "Heroin Diaries." Nikki comments, “I had so many people comment on how life changing they feel the lyrics are. One person told me, they were on the verge of suicide until they heard the song. That is why we make music right there, in a nutshell."

After the Intermission, Sixx A.M. take a journey to the dark side and face death with the song, ”Dead Man Ballet”. Next, one of the most moving and compelling tracks: ”Heart Failure". As the song begins with a helicopter coming to save Nikki's life, and deals with Nikki's almost fatal brush with death, when his heart actually stopped and he died for a moment and was brought back to life. I suddenly had a flashback to the,"Kickstart My Heart" era. This song is very compelling, as it drags you in, and makes you feel the pain of the artist.

The "Heroin Diaries" soundtrack is not just about one genre of music. It is about different feelings, different moods, and different stages of Nikki Sixx's journey through his addiction. The cast of characters is not pretty, but yet they are so real. Some of the songs have a melodic feel, and some have a kick start approach with guitars that speak in furious tones, and voices that go from melodic to passionately painful lyrics. DJ Ashba has a punk rock edge that give that certain hard rock edge when needed, but he is also capable of bringing it down to and giving some songs an acoustic, orchestrated appeal. Nikki Sixx is giving the performance of his lifetime. I would love to see this album and book release scripted with actors on Broadway, it is that compelling. Another highlight, and one of the best analogies I have ever heard, is the song, ”Girl With The Golden Eyes". Sixx A.M. compares a girl to heroin. James Michael croons to a hauntingly beautiful guitar melody, “She speaks to me in Persian, tells me that she loves me, the girl with golden eyes. And although I hardly know her, I let her in my veins, and trust her with my life.” This song sums up the whole addiction fantasy, as an addict, the artist struggles to escape his demons.

The last song, ”Life and Death" features the battle that rages in Nikki's mind for his quest to survive, as Nikki speaks, “So we are at the end, and at the same time we are at the beginning.” That song is a perfect ending to one of the most compelling, musical journeys I have ever listened to.


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