Velvet Revolver in Dublin

By A Headbanger, Do You Bang Head?
Thursday, April 17, 2008 @ 0:09 AM

At The Point

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Reviewed by Dessie Fish

As Dublin's Point Theatre (capacity 8,500) was unavailable due to an ongoing complete refurbishment and renovation,Velvet Revolver's European Tour kicked off at the much smaller Ambassador Theatre(1200 capacity)for two shows on Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th of March,2008.Needless to say, the two shows sold out in minutes when released for sale three months ago. For those fortunate enough to get tickets, this presented a unique opportunity to see heavy-weight names playing at a venue they would never normally be booked to play. It also presented local scalpers with a dream opportunity to make an absolute killing. Tickets which originally cost 60 euro ($90) were traded outside the venue for 160 euro ($250) each.

Early morning DJ's who'd attended Wednesday nights show spread word around Dublin on the Thursday morning that a great show had been delivered the night before. Slash's photograph appeared on the front page of one of the morning papers. The last time VR performed here was to a sold out aforementioned Point on a bitterly cold night on Jan 12th, 2005.Matt Sorum's arrival on stage that night was particularly memorable. Before taking seat on drums, he was dressed in heavy coat and scarf! Anyone who was there will testify to just how cold the venue was that night!

Doors opened for tonight’s show at 7:30pm.The venue was full shortly afterwards. Support was provided by, Year Long Disaster who played for approx 45 minutes. Normally when the warm up act concludes at 8:30pm, the main eventers usually take stage at around 9pm or so. However, as on their last visit to Dublin, the house lights weren't killed for VR until 9:45pm. "Dublin, Ireland, you wanted the best, well they weren't available. So, here's what you get...from Hollywood, California...Velvet Revolver!" was how the band were introduced. First out of the wings was Duff McKagen who, as on his last visit here, was given an extra special welcome by the crowd knowledgable of his Irish blood. The rest of the band quickly took their spots before charging into, "Let It Roll". The atmosphere inside the packed venue was electric and the band were as up for the occasion as the fans. For musicians used to playing much larger venues, tonight's smaller venue may have evoked memories of early career days before they made their respective names. And if so, it may go some way to explain the tightness of the set delivered. "Dublin, Ireland is a wonderful city…a city with a lot of soul" was how Scott Weiland described his three-day stay here. The set list consisted of a selection of songs of both VR studio albums to date, three Guns N' Roses and two STP classics. A cover of Pink Floyd's, "Wish You Were Here" didn’t materialize as Slash decided to use the time allotted for this number to deliver a five-minute guitar solo! A small part of Thin Lizzy's, "Cowboy Song" was also squeezed in, to the delight of the crowd.

The show concluded at 11:15pm approx. An hour an a half of great rock tunes delivered to an audience fully appreciative of both the musical legacy surrounding this bands past and also appreciative of the two solid VR albums delivered to date. Worthwhile new material delivered with smiles in an effortlessly cool manner in the live environment. The essence of what a rock band and a live rock show should be. Scott Weiland may have subsequently parted company with this band but any off stage turmoil was not in evidence on tonight’s performance. A true indication of the professionalism of those players involved once the house lights were dimmed.

Set List:

    (1)Let It Roll
    (2)She Mine
    (4)Do It For The Kids
    (5)Just 16
    (6)Big Machine
    (7)American Man
    (9)Last Fight
    (12)Quick Machines
    (13)Get Out The Door
    (14)Fall To Pieces
    (15)Its So Easy
    (16)Set Me Free
    (17)Wish You Were Here
    (18)Mr. Brownstone
    (19)Sex Type Thing

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