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Being Constructive: Exclusive Interview with Martin Brandstrom Of DARK TRANQUILITY

By Wendy Jasper, Black Metal Aficionado
Friday, June 14, 2013 @ 4:59 PM

"We wanted to make it more interesting, while still keeping it dark"

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Since 1993, DARK TRANQUILITY has been one of the most popular bands to emerge from the Gothenburg circuit and they introduced their brand of melodic death metal to the world when they were signed to an international deal by Century Media Records. With the release of 1999ís Projector, the band steadily amassed fans worldwide and has enjoyed being hailed as one of the foremost pioneers of the melodic death sound.

Now, in 2013, the band has released their 10th studio album, Construct. While still true to their roots, the band has been able to put a new life into their music and keyboardist Martin Brandstrom describes the album as a strong return for the band.

"We decided we needed to mix things up," Brandstrom said. "This album is looser, much more atmospheric rather than guitar driven, and it was composed in the studio rather than in a rehearsal space. We went into the writing and recording with an idea of what we wanted to do and we wanted to make it more interesting, while still keeping it dark."

The album was produced by Jens Bogran, who has also worked with bands like OPETH and KATATONIA, and the material was recorded in Brandstromís own studio.

"When we look at our past albums, like Projector, there was a lot of riffing," he said. "This time we started with the keyboards and that added a lot of character to the sound of the music. There was so much input and so many ideas that it was a little hard to narrow it down. We have such a good connection to each other and the ideas just flowed."

The band is preparing for a busy schedule of summer festivals and touring. The album was released on May 28th in the United States and Brandstrom says that the band intends to stay busy.

"We have probably eight or nine summer festivals in Europe and then we will focus on a headlining tour in the fall. I am hoping that we can put together an exciting package as well as having some special editions of the new album for the fans. We plan on a vinyl 7-inch single as well as a boxed set in Europe," he said.

While the band has persevered, so has their fan base and Brandstrom agrees that the advent of social media and upscale technological advances have been instrumental in reaching a new audience.

"It is interesting," he said. "We have our Facebook page with over 300,000 fans and then we have the website. It allows for entrepreneurship on the part of the band and you can stay in touch with fans much easier. We find that we have fans from all over the world and we hope that they enjoy what we are doing with the new album."

The remaining members of the band are MIKAEL STANNE(Vocals), NIKLAS SUNDIN(Guitar), MARTIN HENRIKSSON (Guitar), DANIEL ANTONSSON(Bass) and UNLIKE JIVARP(Drums).

Look for the band on the road later this year and check out the official video for "Uniformity" right HERE, courtesy of Century Media Records.




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